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curator_Veronika Zajačíková


Ever since the theory of perception of the world has been held through five senses. These include touch, hearing, smell, taste and sight. When vision plays the most important role in our culture environment. Intuitively we perceive and try to understand the signals of our body. Delicate, lightly defined feelings such as tingling in your fingers, feeling of coolness, or getting rid of basic senses often point to changes in your surroundings. Sensitive sensation perception is accompanied by sensitization, perception of fine (hidden) events and vibrations.
Jana Bernartová examines in her work the relationship between the virtuality of the digital space and its material transitions into the world of things. The center of her research and scientific interest becomes color (its perception or display). It could be said that from a physical point of view, color is only a visual perception, and it does not exist in itself and only defines the reflection of the light on the retina of the eye. We see the color due to electromagnetic radiation that has been reflected or partly or fully absorbed by the fabric. What color is determined by wavelength and frequency.

The idea of (not) accuracy or how colors are displayed in digital and real environment, the author has been developing the RGB Liquid Crystal Cycle since 2016. By default, became a desktop with typical blue that bears the digitization of the sign R0G0B255 and its material equivalent in the form of the ultramarine colored pigment. The videos represented in the Display Options project go further, focusing on the technologies themselves and their ability to capture differently. The resulting color of the sufrace of the blue pigment flat otherwise digitally senses the digital camera or camera sensor. The resulting image of the video denies the static (material) nature of the pigment – when the reader presents
its grain to its viewer. In the Video NoD project, the author naturally has the resulting coloration influenced by differences in the imbalance of projection devices.

Jana Bernartová, in her work, looks for hidden systems and orders of digital or real environment, working with technical differences and errors. She is the author of several computer softwares, and although it is a matter of mathematics and physics, her game and even the most accurate technologies get into situations where human senses and imperfections are gaining. In the empty virtual (desktop) environment of the monitor, we are able to materialize the real world objects that our world would be without our senses. Our mind would be like the grey area of the monitor in sleep mode.

(Blue shades range from ~ 430-500 nm (wavelength) ~ 700-600 THz (frequency).)

Veronika Zajačíková