Cycle Parametric Digital Structure

digital print on paper, 152 x 237 cm, 2015-2018


Formally, the project entitled Parametric Digital Structure follows the series of paintings Mistakes – Quadratic Systems from 2005 to 2008. The formal similarity is based on the interest in digital colour rendition, their relationship to the structure and the relationship of the scale which is radically miniature compared to the real dimensions. Ideologically, however, the current project moves to the level of conceptual definition. It is working with the scale and adjustment that serves as a starting point for a series of paintings and objects. Different material design refers to the possibilities of each material in relation to the original digital structure. The art project Parametric Digital Structure is a neo-media work, testing the possibilities of production, while also dealing with the issues related to the remediation of new media. Being one of the key themes within society, digitisation has also become crucial for art. On the one hand, it emerges as a new and more comprehensive tool for visual artistic creation. On the other hand, there is the digital code, an extremely non-visual and intangible position. This abstract part, however, allows fundamentally different starting points for neo-medial work. The described cycle of works of art reflects these two levels, i.e. the inner part of the “invisible” system, its structure of zeros and ones, as well as a visually attractive interpretation of this system transformed into different outputs (images or objects). In reference to the basic features of digital works, as explained by the theorist Lev Manovich, the work may coexist simultaneously in different versions, thus being modular. I perceive digital data, in their visuality and non-visuality, as a kind of alpha and omega, i.e. the core topic of interest. I have systematically developed this attention up to the last work in the series: the presented cycle.