installation, wood, glass, paper, 42 x 59.4 x 6.5 cm; plinth 42 x 59.4 x 108.2 cm; 42 x 29.7 x 108.2 cm; 29.7 x 21 x 108.2 cm, 2013-2016

SPZ Gallery


The Ratio exhibition comes out of an awareness of the standardisation to which classic formats are subject, which in many cases predefines the limits for their continued use in art. These formats, which we generally accept automatically and unreflectively, are Jana Bernartová’s theme, and she develops variations based on the ratios between their dimensions. This motif of standard sizes is presented through another key element, the way the exhibition is arranged, and it emerges that the “ideal solution” may take more than just one – the customary – form. Tereza Jindrová