Sound and look of no wood


Jana Bernartová, Kati Linek, Jan Picko

mixed media, 2018

Sound and look of no wood project by trio of Jana Bernartová, Kati Linek and Jan Picko is the development of the work called Virtual Woods by Jana Bernartová and Jan Picko from 2017, in which they dealt with the properties of wood. The sound and look of no wood project is conceived to fit the gallery space of Pragovka. Yet it is not only a reinstallation of the original work, but rather it can be understood as a radical ideological and formal extension of it.
The installation was initiated collectively and it works with the concept of “non-wood” – synthetically made imitations of woody objects by digital technologies. The sound layer of the project made by experimental and acoustic artist Kati Linek comes out from the resonance objects in the installation – made using a 3D printer of specific material (PLA) containing wood units. Digital simulation of wooden material allows the installation to abstract wood to its basic properties: layering, structure and sound conductivity. An important aspect of the audio-visual part is, moreover, the very technology that supports this process.
Erik Vilím