Turing test in terms of imitative games


Cycle Generating the text on generative art
installation, mixed media (author´s software, computer, light displays, Raspberry mini computer, 2010 – 2013)


Turing test, 1950

“Turing test is a test of machine capability to exhibit intelligent behavior similar to human behavior or indistinguishable to human behavior . In the original experiment the human judge is entering into a natural language conversation with a human and a made machine as to generate activity that is indistinguishable from human performance. The test participants are divided. If the judge cannot certainly recognize human from the machine that means that the machine has successfully passed the test.” Alan Turing: Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Mind LIX / 236, p 433-460.


Jana Bernartová‘s exhibition is the result of exploratory art project called Generating of texts of generative art exploring possibilities of artificial intelligence. Minimalist installation consists of austere led diode display devices, timer and computer. The core of the installation is immaterial in terms of the software.  Installation shows not only the passing time but also the phenomenon of generative art. Based on careful programming, the author lets the software generate a database of texts on generative art which is enclosed in a safe space. Testing the topic in this space can be done by using its own tools and language. Detaching from the human factor in the research process, the key issues are coming up to the surface. It deals with the fact of  the strongest motive imperfection of a human who is unable to accommodate passing of data in their complexity.

Artificial intelligence is replacing writers and their ideas. The format of developed phrases is linguistically correct yet the content often lacks the explicit meaning.


Interdisciplinary cooperation with programmers and effort to master technically difficult task classified project into the category of art, which in their essence exceeds beyond traditional boundaries. Art project becomes a challenge and its goal is to dominate primarily non-artistic skills. Exposed panels do not have to be admired for its largely fashionable aesthetics and visual appeal. The viewer should not look for hidden symbols. Should not be watching the composition nor the color – viewer’s only task should be watching the never-ending stream of flowing text.

However, what the viewer will walk away with is not entirely clear. Is it going to be the individual letters, words or phrases? Should they be remembered? Compose one coherent thought? Look for potential significance of trapped fragments? Or should the viewer just understand chat is disappearing in front of his eyes? The resulting installation should be the answer to predetermined question.

Johana Lomová